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DOT Physicals

Fleet of Trucks

Department of Transporation Physicals

- DOT Physicals for CDL License


DOT Physicals consists of measurements, evaluations and tests including (but not limited to):

• Blood pressure and pulse rate to measure your systolic and diastolic pressure levels as well as check for irregular heart rate

•Urinalysis to screen for indications of underlying medical conditions

•Vision analysis to determine a minimum of 20/40 in each eye, with or without corrective lenses. They must also have at least 70 degrees of peripheral vision in each eye along the horizontal axis.

•Hearing tests to verify driver's ability to hear a 'forced whisper' at a maximum distance of 5 ft with or without a hearing aid. This equates to hearing loss of less than 40 dB in the more capable ear.

•Physical Examination covering eyes, ears, mouth and throat, extremities, heart, vascular system, chest, abdomen, musculoskeletal and neurological condition.

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